The starting point. Le point de départ.

Veganism is the moral baseline, the starting point, of the abolitionist animal rights movement. The main purpose of this blog is to explore animal issues from the perspective of the emerging abolitionist movement.


Resource mobilization and the compartmentalizing of animal issues

Roger Yates has recently posted an entry on his always-excellent blog “On Human-Nonhuman Relations” that I would like to highlight. This entry, Mobilising Resources, discusses the underlying reasons that cause social movement organizations to moderate their message and engage in “organizational pragmatism”. In discussing this issue, Roger also draws attention to the problems with the compartmentalizing of animal issues that is often committed by animal advocacy organizations. This is a problem that has concerned me for a while now, and Roger has graciously allowed me to translate his essay into french to share its important message with my francophone readers on the french side of my blog. Please see Roger’s blog entry here.

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