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Petition for PeTA: if you are serious about animal rights, please sign!

Roger Yates has started a petition asking PeTA to change their misrepresentation of Peter Singer's utilitarian-theoretical book Animal Liberation as a book about animal rights theory. This deliberate misrepresentation and co-optation of the term "animal rights" serves the new-welfarist group well, as they continue to promote themselves as an animal rights organization when they are not. Their furthering of the misunderstanding of the general public as to what "animal rights" is and is not is a serious issue to those who are genuinely concerned about animal rights. As Roger explains in his blog entry describing the rationale for the petition, "Why would I bother petitioning PeTA in a world in which about 17,000 nonhumans are slaughtered every second for their flesh? I bother because social movement claims-making is important. I bother because clarity in social movement claims-making is important too."

Please visit Roger's petition and add your support by signing it!

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At 1:57 PM, Blogger Bryan Rathouz said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I went ahead and signed it.

- Bryan, of the vegan blog tracker


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